SelfieMeAt 36 years-old, I am a senior creative graphic designer with over 12 years of professional experience. After graduating with the equivalent of a BA in Graphic design at the ‘Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Valence’ art school in France, I started my career in the press publishing industry in 2002. For 3 years, I perfected my editorial layout skills, working on 6 monthly magazines as part of a cheerful team. Managing the  title “LOGIN” on my own specifically allowed me to enhance my confidence and deepen my  knowledge of magazine design.

In 2005, I decided to cross the Channel for a year to improve my command of the English language and nurture my passion in design in London. Among other jobs I realised a number of exciting photo shoots, and worked on digital marketing campaigns collaterals with british agencies. This experience was very beneficial to me, both personally and professionally as I can now use English in a proficient manner in my work.

Since 2006, I have been working as a freelancer in Paris and I had the opportunity to work in several agencies, in different types of management, various operating modes… Through the years I have also been assigned a wide range of missions: from creation to the realisation of many communication projects in both print and web (visual identities, marketing collaterals, magazine design, financial documents, brochures, invitations, ads, websites, web banners, e-mails and newsletters, video editing, visual effects, overlay subtitles, etc…). In various areas like corporate publishing, general press, promotional marketing, event marketing. My clients are coming from the world of fashion, medical, entertainment, and tourism. This challenging diversity led me to learn how to adapt accordingly my style and skills to a variety of messages and audiences.

I thrive in my job as each project always involves a great deal of thinking and adaptability. I am able to follow a client project from the brief to production monitoring. My work heavily relies on understanding the message perfectly in order to create the best visual design solution for the client, also meaning mastering the subtle interaction between substance and form.

My technical skills are: the Adobe CC Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), a working knowledge of web and multimedia tools (Dreamweaver, Flash and After Effects), professional photography (shooting and lighting).

If want to discuss a project or just want to meet up, please contact me by email: or fill out the contact form on the site.

Speak soon!

Cedric Bordessoulle